The team

Charlotte van der Lei

My name is Charlotte and I graduated in Marketing Management. I’ve always had a thing for the skin, which is partly down to my parents. I’ve previously worked as a marketer in aesthetic medicine and I have recently taken the decision to continue with my huge affinity in this industry as an entrepreneur with City Laser Company.

Yvonne Elmendorp
skincare specialist

I’ve been a beautician for 30 years, keeping a close eye on developments in this field. Communicating well about the expectations and wishes of customers with our treatments and products is very important to me. You can come to me for all Dermalogica treatments as well as microneedling and superficial and medium depth peels.

Kyra Terpstra
laser & skincare specialist

My name is Kyra. I’m an all-round beautician who specialises in laser hair removal and skin improvement treatments. I get immense satisfaction from these treatments because you can clearly see the difference between before and after. And I also think it’s important that customers feel at ease with me.

Joyce Kor
Laser specialist

My name is Joyce. I’m 25 years old and have completed the All-Round Beauty Specialist training course. I then went on to specialise in laser treatment through various courses and I now carry out laser hair removal treatments at City Laser Company.

Christianne Veenema
skin therapist

I am Christianne and I’ve been a certified skin therapist since 2010. I have gained a lot of experience over the years and have performed many treatments, including medical and cosmetic skin treatments. You can come to me for laser hair removal and skin problems (acne, pigmentation, scars, rosacea and skin aging).